Every 3rd weekend of the month, we’ll take part in this radical experiment together and participate in acts such as yoga, meditation, surfing, walking in nature, singing circles, community celebrations and even shared-plate gatherings. There are no limitations on how to participate, just choose an activity that makes your heart sing, and intentionally share those vibes with the world. This is love-in-action.

If you resonate with a featured event listed on the Global Days of Unity website feel free to join, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, create an event that works for you:-



Ideas & activities for inspiration

  • Walking alone in nature to experience and reflect on the beauty of creation
  • Singing alone or with others (songs that vibrate love and happiness)
  • Taking your family/friends to the beach
  • Volunteering for a cause you deeply resonate with to extend love, peace and joy
  • Silently blessing everyone you see with love
  • Playing sports with glee and laughter (win/win intention)
  • Meditation and prayer (amplify love, peace and unity to all)


With love
Global Days of Unity