3 Steps to prepare for Global Days of Unity and activating the Field of Unity, Peace and Love

  1. Find a quiet space to be in a moment of stillness. Focus and enter your heart space, then centre yourself in the love that resides there. Go deeper inwards to immerse yourself fully in that fathomless love.
  3. State a clear intention for how you’ll spend your day, a certain amount of time, or a specific activity in service of love.
    • There is no specificity in how to participate in the GDU. You are absolutely free to express love, peace, joy and happiness in any way you choose. Any activity can be a vehicle for expressing love.
    • You can also join one or more of our GDU Community events.
  5. State your intention to offer up your loving vibrations, and join in unity and harmonious flow with the energies of everyone around the world participating in GDU.
    • During this time you’ll be actively vibrating and sending love into the world in a way that feels beautiful and authentic to you.

Ideas & activities for inspiration

  • Walking alone in nature to experience and reflect on the beauty of creation
  • Singing alone or with others (songs that vibrate love and happiness)
  • Taking your family/friends to the beach
  • Volunteering for a cause you deeply resonate with to extend love, peace and joy
  • Silently blessing everyone you see with love
  • Playing sports with glee and laughter (win/win intention)
  • Meditation and prayer (amplify love, peace and unity to all)


With love
Global Days of Unity